Massage Options

Body Treatments Options

Swedish Relaxation Massage: 25 Minutes ($45), 50 Minutes ($75), 80 Minutes ($115), This classic massage utilizes gliding smooth strokes with light to medium pressure to inspire relaxation, increase circulation and create a heightened sense of wellbeing.
Deep Tissue Sports Massage: 25 Minutes ($50), 50 Minutes ($85), 80 Minutes ($130), This massage uses a variety of techniques to deeply manipulate muscles and connective tissues. This massage can increase mobility, improve circulation and detoxify the tissue. Specific stretches and heat may be incorporated to provide additional therapeutic gains.
Couples Massage: 50 Minutes ($150), 80 Minutes ($230), This massage session for two takes place in the same room and incorporates classic Swedish style massage with light to medium pressure to promote relaxation and a rejuvenated sense of wellbeing. Upgrade to deep tissue for an additional $10 per guest.
Hot Stone Massage: 25 Minute ($60), 50 Minutes ($115), 80 Minutes ($165), Hot stones are incorporated in to a Swedish style massage to melt away stress, relax and detoxify the tissues and provide a deeper release of stressed muscles. Positive energy flow and overall sense of balance result from this heated treatment.
Mu-Xing Massage: 25 Minutes ($60), 50 Minutes ($115), 80 Minutes ($165), Warm rosewood and bamboo instruments mingle with a custom blend of oil to ease tension while creating a truly relaxing experience. This heated treatment will relax and rejuvenate to restore your inner peace.
Reiki Massage: A balancing of the 7 energy centers (chakras) of the body. Concentrates on energy blockages in order to restore your optimal mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self.
Reflexology Massage: Pressure points of the hands and feet are manipulated to revitalize the body and relieve tension.
Cold Stone Massage: This treatment combines cold stone placement with essential oils to awaken the senses and alleviate sinus pressure or discomfort associate with migraine. Extensive scalp, face, neck and shoulder massage is used to relax the tissue to bring a sense of well-being and relief.
Prenatal Massage: This full body 50 minute relaxation massage is designed to promote the health, circulation and well-being of the expectant mothers (Please consult with your doctor to ensure this service is appropriate for you).

Add-On Massage Services: Hot Stone/Mu-Xing (neck & shoulders) $10, Aromatherapy $5, Cold Stone Sinus/Migraine* $15, Dry Scrub Exfoliation* $25, Intensive Stretch* $5-10, 15 Minute Massage Treatment* $25
*Services require additional 10-15 minutes

Air Brush Tan: Package of 5 $175

Salt Glow: Sea salt is blended with essential oils and then applied with a light circular motion to detoxify and exfoliate the skin. Warm towels are applied to relieve tension in the muscles. A decadent lotion is massaged onto your body to leave you with glowing and moisturized skin.

Sugar Scrub: This gentle exfoliation is combined with essential oils to refine the skin. Warm towels relax the tissue and a whipped lotion is applied to leave your skin wonderfully fragrant and silky soft.

Dry Brush Exfoliation: Dry brushing is renowned for its positive effect on the lymphatic system and circulation. This technique has also been linked to cellulite reduction and stress relief. Following a full body dry brush exfoliation, warm towels are applied to relax the tissue and lastly an arnica infused lotion is massaged into the tissue to leave you with beautiful results from the inside out.