The Aesthetics Team at Domain is extensively educated in A Natural Difference Skincare and have received Master Level Training. A.N.D. is a world-renowned skincare distributor that consistently surpasses the industry standard.

To cater to all needs and provide insight from various leading skincare contributors from around the globe the Aesthetics Team at Domain Spa has substantial training and access to several high-quality product lines. These distinctive skincare lines provide you with excellent customized results and professional grade home care products to maintain your skincare goals. Product lines utilized in the treatment room may include but are not limited to: A Natural Difference (AND), Danne Montague-King (DMK), and Farmhouse Fresh. The Aesthetics field is ever evolving as such the skincare experts at Domain are required to regularly advance their education to stay ahead of the curve.

The Domain Custom (45-55 minutes) and Advanced (60-70 minutes) Facials begin with a professional skincare analysis and consultation, intensive cleaning, exfoliation, manual extractions as needed, and individualized treatment followed by recommendations. Per the discretion of your Esthetician the following treatments may be incorporated into your personalized treatment to provide you with outstanding results: Acne Protocol, A.N.D. Enzyme, Oxygen Treatment, Lactic, Glycolic and/or Specialized Undereye Treatments, and so forth.

At times your professional may suggest a clinical treatment (Advanced Peel, Advanced Enzyme, series protocol, etc) that requires additional product, time, and expertise for a future session. Such clinical treatments will be discussed and with your permission scheduled in addition to your chosen facial as an add-in however we ask that you refrain from scheduling this service add-in unless it has been recommended by the Esthetician.

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