The Aesthetics Team at Domain has completed the rigorous Masters Aesthetician Training from the renowned skincare distributor A Natural Difference. Surpassing the industry standard our skincare experts are required to annually advance their education to stay ahead of the curve in this ever evolving field.

The Domain Custom and Custom Advanced Facials begin with a professional skincare analysis, intensive cleaning, exfoliation, extraction and individualized treatment. Per the discretion of your aesthetician the following treatments may be incorporated into your personalized treatment to provide you with outstanding results: Acne, Chiral-A, Enzyme, Oxygen, Lactic, Glycolic and/or Eye. During your facial you will be relaxed and rejuvenated with a nourishing massage on your neck, décolleté and arms.

Domain Custom Facial 60 Minute Session (45 minute treatment 15 minute consult) $90

Domain Advanced Custom Facial 75 Minute Session (60 minute treatment 15 minute consult) $100

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