Welcome To Domain Spa and Salon

By Grayce & Jaymes

About Us

Who are Grayce and Jaymes? Good question, but first we must start at the beginning with Amanda and Melinda. Two inseparable sisters with serious work ethics and big dreams that decided to just go for it. Against all odds during the big financial crash in 2007 they went to work on this amazing idea. They devised a way to bring something new, exciting, and beautiful to Maryland. Their goal was to create a place where everyone felt welcomed, staffed with a handpicked team that worked together doing something that they were truly passionate about. Originally the salon and spa were created under another name (with the same ownership) they opened their doors for business in 2008 with an amazing team and much enthusiasm.

Over the years the business continued to thrive, grow, and bring on additional talented team members. Building and maintaining a successful and happy professional team was always the priority and as that goal continued to come into focus so did everything else. After all, the Domain clientele deserved not only the best but also the kindest to greet them at every visit.

In 2016 the salon and spa were rebranded to reflect its true meaning, Domain; a place where we will be found and where we all belong. Grayce and Jaymes, you ask? Those are the middle names of Amanda & Melinda’s daughters. The girls are representative of the future because your Domain is not going anywhere, it will continue to grow and evolve with you. We are all in this together and it’s going to continue to be an exceptional experience.

This is your Domain; a sanctuary for you to relax, refresh and just breathe. This is our Domain; the space for our profession, expertise, and skills to thrive.

Domain Spa and Salon by Grayce & Jaymes

Established 2008

Artwork inspired by local models Abbi, Ashley and Elizabeth. Hair and Makeup styled by Domain Spa and Salon. Photography by Brookelynn Photography based out of Cecil County Maryland.